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Targeted Searches For Buyers

We specialize in Targeted Industry Searches

Acquisition Experts LLC specializes in targeted industry searches for companies looking to accomplish any of the following strategic objectives:

  • Grow through acquisition
  • Expand into new geographic markets within the same industry
  • Acquire direct competitors to increase market share and benefit from operational efficiencies / economies of scale
  • Expand product and service offerings through the acquisition of new technology platforms or manufacturing capabilities
  • Leverage existing core competencies to expand into synergistic industries
  • Acquire key vendors or suppliers to control more of the value chain

Acquisition Experts can help identify prospective target acquisitions and initiate a dialogue. Even if you already have a candidate company identified, an experienced M&A intermediary can greatly increase the probability of successfully consummating a transaction. Negotiations within the same industry can be especially sensitive. There is often a lack of trust and suspicion of ulterior motives. Confidentiality is a huge concern on both sides. It usually takes a level of “finesse” and experience to enable an ongoing healthy dialogue and structure a deal that allows both parties to achieve their objectives.

Unlike most dedicated target search firms, Acquisition Experts is willing to bet on its ability to deliver for you, our client. We typically ask for only a small retainer sufficient to cover hard marketing costs and demonstrate client commitment. Thereafter, the experienced professionals in our M&A Division will work on a contingency basis that requires a successful close to your targeted transaction.

Please contact one of our M&A specialists today to discuss how we can help your company achieve its growth objectives.

Please contact us today to discuss how we get started. broker@acquisitionexperts.net, ph: 888-220-1653