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We have compiled resources for this section of our website that we hope you will find interesting or useful. Use the links on this page to access the following information:

  • News includes staff contributed industry articles, newspaper articles and press releases related to business sales brokered by Acquisition Experts LLC.
  • Links includes other internet sites that may be useful to business owners or buyers.
  • Download Forms includes the basic forms that business buyers should provide when investigating a business for sale.

Below are some of the basic forms used in business brokerage.

The NDA (pdf), Non-Disclosure Agreement binds you to confidentiality on the businesses for which you make inquiries. This is extremely important as the employees of the businesses are not aware they are for sale in almost all cases. Key employees may panic and seek other employment upon finding out. This could have a very detrimental effect on the Seller’s business. The reality is the employees generally have excellent job security in an acquisition as the new Buyer is very dependent on their knowledge of the business, product, customer base, services provided, etc. Generally, the employees are introduced to the Buyer shortly after they close the sale and the employees are reassured that they are needed and valuable. Once a business location has been disclosed to a Buyer, they many times want to go by as a customer or sit in the parking lot and watch the businesses traffic in and out. Everyone understands many Buyers may do this, however is extremely important to be discreet and be extremely careful what you say to employees of the business.

The Financial Statement (pdf) form is a type on document that you can prepare yourself and print out. It is a listing of your personal assets, liabilities and net worth. Many Brokers and Sellers will not provide you information on businesses without first you showing them you have the financial capability to acquire the business. This makes sense and saves everyone time. Buyer’s demand lots of proprietary and confidential information about businesses for sale. Before a Broker and Seller spend a lot of time with you revealing the intricacies of their business, they want to know they are dealing with a qualified Buyer. A Letter of Introduction briefly describing your background and current objectives, and / or a Resume are also good tools to let Brokers and Sellers know you are serious and qualified to acquire a business.

Please see the Buyers Guide – Buying a Business – An Overview for additional information of preparing to buy a business.

Buyer Questionnaire – This is a form you can complete and share with your Acquisition Experts Broker along with the above referenced materials. Once we know you, your background, your objectives and your financial capabilities we will be much more capable of matching you to the right business.

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