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Every privately-owned business will transfer to a new owner – someday. Most business transfers will be well-planned and successfully executed, with the current owners prospering. We expect that our pro-active clients will be part of this financially secure group. Other business owners, however, will procrastinate and be surprised by an unexpected near-term business transfer, sometimes voluntary (unsolicited offer or retirement) but often involuntary.

Involuntary transfers include death, disability or dissolution (perhaps due to lack of operating capital or profitability, as well as divorce or partnership disputes). If you have active partners or other shareholders, you need a well-constructed buy-sell agreement. We can provide a review of your plans with recommendations for your unique situation based on our years of experience dealing with these issues.

Business succession planning includes provisions for transferring the business assets to family members, key employees and/or strategic merger candidates as well as complete sale or acquisition. We can assist you with specific planning guidelines in each instance.

We help business owners enhance the value of their business. This strategic business coaching activity improves productivity and profitably while increasing your business transfer possibilities. We will benchmark the current fair market value of your business and quantify the effects of profit improvement and risk reduction on business value. We can develop a project plan for your situation and coach you and your staff, as well as subsequently hold you accountable for the goals and objectives of the plan.

Please contact our business succession planning expert advisor for a no-cost telephone consultation to determine if we can help you, and to determine if we can provide you with a reduced price on an introductory strategic business coaching engagement.

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