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Kim Capen

Specialty, Experience, & Education


Kim Capen joined the Business Brokers of Florida in 2006. A native of the Treasure Coast, Kim possesses a deep and unparalleled knowledge of the region and its history–particularly from business, financial, demographic, lifestyle and cultural perspectives. Thanks to more than 30 years in media as the publisher of multiple magazines throughout Florida and serving on numerous nonprofit boards of directors, Kim excels under pressure, operates efficiently, and maximizes opportunities on behalf of those she represents. Her vast network of connections–including with business leaders, elected officials and influential figures–gives her a distinct advantage and enables her to get almost anyone on the phone.


Since 2006, Kim has shined in the commercial and business brokerage world, testifying to the success of her connections and professional relationships. Excellent organizational skills and client relations enable Kim to identify key business and commercial properties and gain invaluable insights. Her gift as a conceptual thinker often proves pivotal in finding locations for businesses seeking to expand. She’s negotiated many successful deals with large entities, including local shopping centers, large conglomerates and holding companies. She has closed on several multi-million dollar properties.

Anyone eager to place their business real-estate needs in the hands of a trusted, connected professional will know they’re getting the best of the best with Kim as their representation as the buyer agent or seller agent.

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